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These Dragon Gargoyles will spawn rarely in Uber world. While player kill mobs nearby the Gargoyle, mob's soul will be absorbed into the Gargoyle

Suggestion - Riddle Lair & Dragon Gargoyle

While reading the thread Aren't we tired of doing dungeons? the two new dungeons ideas suddenly pop into my mind. Therefore I decide to make a official thread for them.


1. Sphinx / Riddle Lair


It will be a new type of lair that players has to enter the lair alone and face Sphinx boss to answer the riddles he gives. All the questions will be multiple choices base, there will be 6 questions in total and each question has to be answered within 10 seconds.


First 3 questions will be very EASY like:


Q: What type of weapon do Fae Trickster user?

A. Melee

B. Bow

C. Staff 


4th and 5th will be bit difficult like


Q. What's the materials require to craft a Jouncing Jellyfish mount?

A. Ancient Scale x 5, Steed Feed x 100

B. Enchanted Scale x 20, Steed Feed x 300

C. Ancient Scale x50, Golden Soul x5, Steed Feed x 700


6th / last question will be VERY TRICKY, they're designed to make the person fail in their first time. 


Q. How much hp do SPIKE WALKER have in the hard mode ST? (exactly)


Q: Who is the designer of the melee style "Acro Raver"? (giving 3 different names.)



No reward / quest fail when player's correct answers < 3

Exp reward when players' correct answers > = 4

Exp reward plus a " Temporary Stat Boost buff" when players get all 6 correct answers.


Example: For next 50 minutes, your...

Lasermesy +50

Magic Find +50

Jump +5

Ore Gain + 20%

Eexp Gain + 15% ... etc


(You can have multiple stat boost buffs at one time, but stat boost buffs of the same stat don't stack.)




Riddle Lair will spawn randomly in the Uber World, once player find them they have to craft a Sphinx key to open the portal. ( It should only cost very cheap material like few shapestone / gilm...etc.) And the max number of player allow to exist in the liar will only be one (the key user himself), in this way the situation will be much simpler I think. (Avoid the trouble of multiple players exist in lair / how the reward should count / who should answer the question...etc)


2. Sleeping Dragon Gargoyle


These Dragon Gargoyles will spawn rarely in Uber world. While player kill mobs nearby the Gargoyle, mob's soul will be absorbed into the Gargoyle. And once the Gargoyle absorbed the 20 souls, the Gargoyle will be awaken to become a huge dragon boss. By killing the dragon boss the player will get the old dragon cache as reward. (Ex: Maybe the Neon Dragon Gargoyle will only spawn in Neon Biomes, and player will get the Neon Dragon Cache after killing it?) Group framing / searching will be handy, players has to kiting mobs in order to kill them nearby the Gargoyle. (We all know the mob density in Trove isn't very good...)

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