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When you buy Trove Flux with, Your payment details will be verified to protect both ourselves and our customers against fraud. This may include a phone verification call for verbal confirmation of the purchase. Once your order has been verified it will be placed into the delivery queue and be delivered as soon as possible.


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98% Trove Flux orders are delivered within 15-30mins of being placed. Some orders can take up to 1-12 hours to complete, But this is not the norm. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions about the delivery process.


Be Careful Of The In Trove SCAMMERS! will never ask you to trade your Trove Flux back in game, for any reason. If you are ever asked to trade currency back, DO NOT DO IT. Please come to live chat for verification.

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Thoughts on the current flask meta

It might be a bit random but lately I’ve been thinking about how my roughly 75%, 3.76x damage amplification with surestrike and damage of your choice, of my classes damage output is due to popping flasks which to me seems like it could be a bit much.


trovefluxs:Can we get a chain version of "Falling Blocks" ?

A bridge made out of them . As you step on one , the bridge will start to collapse and players will have to run in order not to fall into the chasm with lava . (others will have to glide over or build one later to cross)


Suggestion - Riddle Lair & Dragon Gargoyle

These Dragon Gargoyles will spawn rarely in Uber world. While player kill mobs nearby the Gargoyle, mob's soul will be absorbed into the Gargoyle


Where have all the crafted mounts gone?

I was thinking of things that I love about Trove and when thinking the thought of crafted mounts came to mind. It seems like ages since we last saw something we could craft. I know this topic has probably come up but with the start of the New Year soon I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring it up again.


Essential Changes to the trove that need to be made!

It sounds like I'm saying do this do that, but 100% no bad intention or my ego affiliated with my opinions, its just i think of something fun to me but where do I get to even share it with somebody heh thanks for reading if you even read it lol Because i get this idea when I watched a streamer just now brand new to trove


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  • @ Timothy
    10000 K Trove Flux
    Amelia Bi is the BEST! 5/5.. You guys are amazing :) Dec/15/2018 11:31:49
  • @ Brewed
    50000 K Trove Flux
    Instant delivery and perfect service Dec/15/2018 09:07:02
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    3000 K Trove Flux
    this website is really awesome cheap fast and really nice i can't wait till i have my staff i ordered Dec/15/2018 07:44:43
  • @ NatetheGREAT
    700 K Trove Flux
    I ordered 20mil and some nice attack levelage, but i didnt realize itd take so long so I asked them if i could use my account for an hour to get the halloween event and they let me! I finished the quest and bam they were back to work, THANKS RUNERICH..... i love you o.o Dec/15/2018 04:44:35
  • @ Custorm
    50000 K Trove Flux
    Amazing service! Highly recommend. I bought only 3 whips , nothing else. I log on i see 16 million and 3 whips, runescape if you don't know AND they got me to 91 str! Amazing. :) Dec/15/2018 01:25:10
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  • The company was great, the seller answered immediately upon purchase and delivered. I highly recommend it. Fluent English made the difference for me!
    Mar/30/2017 @ Extremely good service!
  • I am a regular costomer , good website, good costomer services.
    Mar/29/2017 @ This site rocks
  • Bought in the afternoon and got in the evening, I think it is ok since the whole market is like this.
    Mar/29/2017 @ It is Ok!
  • I love your site and thank you for trading me diamonds. Will you sell neverwinter scrolls of identification?
    Mar/29/2017 @ Best Ever
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